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Appearing Car


A sensational, promotable illusion! The lights come up on an abstract road construction scene. Yellow traffic barriers surround and isolate the downstage performing area; flashing lights warn all who approach. A long cloth is stretched out and the throaty growl of a big engine is heard. The cloth drops to reveal a real car; broadside to the audience, with the performer at the wheel. Of course the barriers are all where they were an instant before. The car makes its appearance so quickly that explanations seem to be ruled out. The illusion may be performed without alterations to the stage, and may be struck quickly. Of course, you do have to do something with the car... Since the apparatus is adaptable to nearly any vehicle, a promotional tie-in with a local dealer could be of mutual benefit!

Crystal Cylinder


Apparatus of remarkable beauty and an amazing double appearance combine to create a powerful first impression in this ideal opening to any performance of Grand Illusion. As the curtain opens, the 6 foot high acrylic and silver cylinder gleams in a single spotlight. The cylinder momentarily fills with a magical mist which, when dissipated, reveals the star of the show inside! As the performer steps forward through a door in the side of the cylinder, it again fills with mist. Instantly the door opens and the performer's co-star steps out. Equally useful for a vanish or appearance and may be used singularly or in a pair to "transport" the performer or their assistants from one place to another.

Walking Thru a Steel Bar


The performer introduces a gleaming steel bar, more than 6 foot long, nearly 1 inch in diameter. With the bar resting on two uprights, a spectator is given the opportunity to inspect the bar. The performer clamps the bar into place on the uprights, and has each end of the bar firmly held by an assistant or audience member. A set of two small hinged doors obscures only the middle section of the bar.

The performer reaches his arm between the uprights from the rear, and as his fingertips move upward and clear the doors at the top, the audience realizes that his arm must have passed through the steel bar. Now the performer steps directly behind the covered section, and with an effort, seemingly pulls his body first into and then through the bar and out the front of the doors. Immediately the doors are removed, revealing the bar in place and just as solid as before.

The effect may be performed surrounded. An assistant is normally required.



An illusion that is very pleasing to the eye and puzzling to the audience. On a lighted stage is a neat table upon which is a fancy flower pot with flowers, in the center of which is a beautiful large closed tulip. Lit candles at each corner add to the setting so that a clear view may be had beneath and all around the table. At the performer's command the tulip slowly opens and as it does a beautiful lady arises from its center until her head and shoulders are in full view, a very beautiful effect.



In design, mechanics and dramatic impact, this is the ultimate levitation.  It begins with a breathtaking surprise. The performer stands atop an elegant platform more than five feet above the stage, well away from any curtains.  He stretches out a silk cloth in front of him, and when he whisks it away a woman appears, reclining and floating in midair in front of him. She floats higher and lower, at the performers command. A hoop is passed entirely over and around the floating figure.  The performer drapes the cloth over the floating woman. As she rises to the highest point yet, she vanishes in midair and the empty cloth flutters down into the performer's hands. This dreamlike illusion has a profound effect on the audience. For a moment, they are transported to a place where anything truly is possible! Owen Magic is the originator of this illusion and has established its creative rights in court on behalf of our performer clients, who may be assured that their purchase is protected to fullest legal extent.

Illusion 1     Illusion 2     Illusion 3     Illusion 4     Illusion 5     Illusion 6